BEAUTIFUL 2yr old male GSP very friendly and great hunter

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BEAUTIFUL 2yr old male GSP very friendly and great hunter

  Alex Ingold

  31731 Tower Rd
          Salem, Ohio - United States



I hate even writing this right now but I feel its best for the dog. I have for sale a 2 yr old German Shorthair Pointer male (hasn't been nuetered). The ONLY reason we are selling is because I started a new job and travel too much, as well as having a new born baby and it is hard to complete a perfect hunting dog with my schedule. I bought him as a puppy from a breeder in Toledo, Ohio and had big plans to breed and compete with him. I sent him away at 16 months old for over 30 days to a renowned trainer who has trained many champion dogs for a period of 30+ years and currently conducts training seminars for cabelas. He is house broken and has always lived indoors (we're non-smokers). He is calm in the home, but gets wound up when visitors come over, only for about 15 minutes. When it is time to hunt he is VERY outgoing and can cover alot of ground very quickly. He knows commands, but just needs more time and work on them, he always stays around in the field and if he drifts too far he will come back on demand, points VERY well until you flush and will return with bird, has a GREAT nose and hunts well, just needs more work with commands, but he is a natural. To insure proper training, dog also comes with a Cabelas gun dog gs-5500 remote trainer that goes up to a mile with 30 different settings and lcd screen, and he also comes with a Petsafe in-ground invisible fence for the yard, incase you can't always keep your eyes on him. He has never run away from our house, but like any dog he obviously will have to get used to a new owner and learn his surroundings and limitations. I can send you many pictures of the dog, he is about 65 pounds and is fully "ticked" from the neck to tail he only has one medium liver spot by the tail. VERY beautiful friendly dog. He has done ok in a crate on a rare occasion, but not sure how he would do on a day to day basis in a crate in the house. He may be perfect in one, I dont know. Personally I hated to leave my 65 pound dog in a crate all day while im at work, so I build him his own 9'x10' bedroom with couch and chair. If you would like to talk more about the dog feel free to contact me anytime at 330-831-7007 and I can e-mail you a bunch of photos. PLEASE DO NOT try and swindle me down on the price as I hate selling him to begin with and I have THOUSANDS invested in this dog so I won't take any less. The dog has a great home here, but I would just like for him to be able to do what he was breed for. The dogs name is Gunner. thanks.