Started chocolate lab

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Started chocolate lab

  joe marks

  5753 reidville rd
          moore, South Carolina - United States



Fudge is a chocolate labe, she is 17 months old she is a small dog shes around 48 pounds. i had fudge sence a puppy shes ben trained to duck hunt .last year was here 1st year of hunting and she done well she mines in a boat or blind and will retrive ducks or geese. i just have no time to stay on track of here traing there fore after duck season she is just a pet and she never gets eny training , and to have a good bird dog you have to stay on top of the training exspiecaly at here age.. shes ben force fetched and obidence is great, she has no blind work done but has the pertentail. she is now picking up doubles and marks great.