Chesapeake Bay Retriever

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Chesapeake Bay Retriever

  JOHN e

  WA-United States


Male chesapeake bay retriever, purebred. no papers. very strong retriever that minds very well. good with kids but probally too much energy for kids under 10 . we have him around kids an he isnt mean at all. he just doesnt realize when hes focused on a task like fetching that the kids are sometimes in the way an will knock them over on his way to find that object hes pursuing !!
he will stay out of your space if you tell him to. Like i said he is not at all aggressive.

He wants to retrieve, retrieve , retrieve...very focused and wants to play all the time ! He loves companionship and thinks his job is to please you an he will try with all his might !!! He will find anything you throw no matter how far or what kind of brush its in.
He loves the water, loves camping, loves rides in the truck. good with other dogs. loves everything an everybody but puts off a great bark at night protecting the property. he loves life. he is best suited for someone looking for a dedicated family dog Or a Hunting Partner! He is really on to tracking an smelling alot! Its his favorite game!

we dont want this dog being placed in a home where he will be tied or left in a backyard alone with nothing to do. he needs someone that is willing to devote time and energy an love to him. He is not HOUSEBROKE! He is an outdoor dog. he loves being inside but doesnt know not to spray an has on occasion. He is not a picky eater. hes well built an not a thin dog. hes in great physical shape. Takes alot a go before hes tired!

we are moving an if we cant find the very best home for him - we do have other options. please only call if you have researched the breed or have the breed experience needed for this type of dog. chesapeakes are not for everyone, However do make wonderful companions!!!!
there is a Rehoming fee. If you are not willing to pay a rehoming fee, I'm sorry but hes not free! We are asking $ 300.00 but hes worth way more and is highly intelligent and a GREAT dog !
only serious inquiries please . we do not have photos online. please email or call and tell us a little bit about yourself an why you would like to be considered. we will email/call back interested parties an set up a time for you to come meet our dog.
Thankyou- 541-258-2526