4.5 Year Old Male GSP

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4.5 Year Old Male GSP

  Chad M

  FL-United States



I am looking for a great home for my beloved GSP. He is steady on point, and retrieves to hand. This was a very expensive dog that was professionally trained by the owner of a pheasant farm. The dog has guided some hunts, he is very good. I hunted him weekly in the fall while in Michigan. Murry is also a pet, he has been inside and around kids since I got him. A move from Michigan to South Florida has the dog bouncing off the walls in an apartment. His excitement these days is an occasional fetch for tennis balls in the ocean. He needs a loving home where he can get the needed exercise he requires, and the attention he desires. Murry is versed on Pheasant, Woodcock, and Grouse. This is probably the finest physical example of a GSP. The dog is absolutely gorgeous, Liver with some white, a nice blocky head, 70 pounds of pure muscle, and fixed. He is whistle trained, a great foot hunter, food hound, and will get in your bed if given the chance. I am just doing what I think is in the best interest of the dog. He needs someone that will hunt with him, and has the time and space to play outdoors regularly.
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