Male pointer ,15months old

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Male pointer ,15months old

  Robert Lloyd

  4932 Carlyn Dr.
          Pace, Florida - United States



I have an unbelievable male pointer pup, grandson of Millers White Powder. Hunted about 30 days this past season on wild birds after being started on pen raised birds. This is the most natural bird dog I have ever owned in over 30 years of bird hunting. At 9 months of age he was solid on his birds, backing on sight and beginning to retrieve. I own a 3 year old Brittany also and this pup was my top dog this year. This dog is not a cull, he is the real deal. White body with black markings on his head he is a really nice dog to look at. Here is the bad part and the only reason he is for sale. He does not do well in a kennel. I work two jobs and am gone a lot. He will find a way out of a kennel if at all possible. He loves attention and desires more than I can give him. If you buy this dog and intend to kennel him you better have a strong kennel. If you can deal with this you will have you one heck of a bird dog at a puppy price.