Fully Broke English Pointer female in NY for sale

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Fully Broke English Pointer female in NY for sale

  Paul Siegler

  NY-United States


Annie has been our number one dog here at the Preserve for 3 seasons (SHE HAS HAD OVER 1000 BIRDS SHOT OVER HER, HERE AT THE PRESERVE). She is a completely broke dog: retrieves to hand, Rock solid Whoa, Whistle commands, Close working dog but can let go out. We are changing our breeding program over to the larger more European style & Old Elhew bloodlines, so she is no longer needed here. Her price is non-negotiable, if she does not sell at this price I have no problem keeping her here for next season, she is that good. ANY-ONE CAN HANDLE THIS DOG.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Her pedigree & pictures can be sent, she has such dogs as Additions Go Boy,Fiddlers Pride, A Frontline Rebel and many others in her pedigree. Please contact pheasantry@hughes.net or Jeremy at 845-887-4487