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  Laura Thie

  31300 Brandstrom Road
          Stanwood, Washington - United States



For adoption through The NOAH Center in Stanwood, Washington is Bella a Vizsla/Lab mix? Bella is an energetic, field-type Labrador mix. This lovely dog has certainly had her share of hard knocks! She came to us seriously underweight, and continued to loose weight in her adoptive home. When she was returned to us, her condition was critical. We began treating her immediately for every parasite imaginable, but within a few days of returning to us, Bella became dangerously ill and lost even more weight. In her worst condition on August 4th she weighed in at 35 lbs. She was emaciated and dehydrated and stressed. We have all taken a lot of care to see this deserving girl gain weight and let go of her fears, and with a careful regimen of special feedings, parasite treatments and anti-anxiety medication, have watched her blossom to her current weight of almost 46 lbs. Her ideal weight is about 50 lbs - so she still has some filling out to do - but Bella is now well on her way to being a normal dog. Imagine suffering hunger pangs for months, possibly years - being so desperate for food that you would eat anything in sight without chewing it - being too hungry to learn or even focus your attention on those you love. This was Bella's plight. Understandably, she is very worried that she will be neglected and given up again, and this worry has caused her an inexplicable amount of mental suffering. The medication Bella receives is helping her relax and enjoy life, possibly for the first time. She is playing fetch in the park, she has started chewing her food, and she has begun enjoying human companionship once again. We feel that Bella is now ready for a fresh start. She must find an active home that would take her out for daily walks, hikes, and/or runs...couch potatoes need not apply according to Bella. She is playful, too - true to her breed-type she loves retrieving. To teach Bella new tricks, you'll want to be a patient, consistent and kind handler and you need to enjoy dogs with boundless fun and energy. Bella is a bunny chaser extraordinaire - she may even make you an incredible hunting companion. We would love to see her go to an experienced hunter who is willing & experienced in working & training hunting dogs. Please see us for more information on how you can help this beautiful girl learn to trust once again.