Chesapeake Bay Retriever

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Chesapeake Bay Retriever

  Manuela Rodriguez

  4666 N Blythe ave
          Fresno, California - United States



Dutchess is a 2 year old female chesapeake bay retriever. We don't know too much about her except that she was given to my boss to settle a debt and he doesn't have the time or space for Dutchess, he just wants someone to take her in and give her more than he can offer her.
What we do know is that she is registered to the AKC, her color is deadgrass, her breeders were Russel Schoenberger and Kathleen Shoenberger, She was born June 3, 2006, to Sire - Dakota Von Chewbacca and Dam - Caroline Celtic Blitz.The gentleman that gave Dutchess away to my boss had children in the home so we imagine that she is good with children. I don't know too much about dogs myself but if you are interested give me a call, Thanks.