Big Running Started Male

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Big Running Started Male

  Andy Neria

  KS-United States



Sidney was whelped in Jan of 2008. He is nice looking male well started pup. He runs big to the front and at this time is a handful to handle off foot. He handles and will go with you for sure but he likes to do it out there to the front. Sid is pointing and holding his birds pretty well right now and is a birdy pup. He isn't just out there running to hear the wind in his ears like a lot of pups this age do. He is intelligent and is looking to find birds. He is a nice made pup. He is long and lanky at this point but he will muscle out well and look really nice as an adult. He is all white with some orange over his left eye with that being the only color on him. He has a great personality and will make you a very nice dog. I think with the right direction Sidney has what it takes to win. He is Elhew bred with such dogs as Elhew Distinction, Elhew Kiwi, Elhew Diamond Lil, Elhew Crazy Horse, Elhew Pretty Bones, and Elhew Cassidy in the pedigree. Most important though is that Sidney is a nice specimen that has great conformation and a great personality. Please contact me for more information.