Georgeous Yellow Male Lab

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Georgeous Yellow Male Lab

  Ron Bagley

  895 River Bluff Dr
          Lytle, Texas - United States



"Happy" is a show type lab, great for family dog. I have had him a year and he is 2+ years old. He is loveable, and had become my best friend over the other 5 dogs I have. He is not a field trial type, and is rather a slow learner and independent thinker. He does how ever learn. He will get a bumper, but I have no water or guns, or shock collar, so we haven't done much but play and take truck rides together. He acts real tough when another male is in the vicintiy, but I have always talked him out of violence so far, and the other dogs have walked off. He lives with 4 females, and 1 male longhaired chiuaua, so he can't be too tough! He is totally gentle to all humans. I think anyone would like him. I always say, "He will do anything you want him to, and some things you don't".
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