1yr. Liver Roan Male

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1yr. Liver Roan Male

  Noah Clevenger

  1149 20000 Rd.
          Parsons, Kansas - United States




This dog was to be a personal dog and actually still is but I want to have more pups out of another female and the wife says 4 is enough. He is a large (70-80lb) range and has been hunted on nothing but wild birds. There is no formal training by anyone but me, but my dogs mind. His breeding is mostly import German (Hege-Haus, vom Riverwoods and has the likes of Stradivarius Baroque on his pedigreee) so he sticks close and honors naturally yet he runs well. He had 3 covey points this year and a few singles. I won't claim he is ready to conquer the world and that he has been hunted exclusively but he will be good and will find birds. I do own his brother (B/W) and his father is Black.