Brittany Males for sale in OK

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Brittany Males for sale in OK

  Tyson Jackson

  OK-United States



I unexpectedly took in a litter of Brittanies from a friend that was having health problems. They are AKC registered and are nice dogs with loving personalities that are now 11 months old. I am keeping enough of them to train and finish to fill my orders for broke dogs. However, I am not going to be able to get to the rest of them before my planned litters for this year are going to be ready to start. As a result, I am looking to sell them very reasonable in hopes that someone will be able to spend the time with them that they deserve. They have all had birds shot over them and have no problems with the gun. I would be willing to make a package deal for someone buying more than 1.

#1- Flash- I have shot 4 birds over him. He is pointing, and loves to retrieve. $250

#2- Willie- He is not pointing as solid as Flash, but is a very good natural retriever. He has also had 4 birds shot over him. $200

#3- Flame- I have worked Flame on more birds than his brothers (8-10) He needs work on whoa to get him pointing more solid, but he has a very good nose and loves to retrieve. He retrieved a cripple about 100 yards perfectly to hand the last time out. $300

I also have another 10 month old male out of a different litter that I would give away to a good home. I have shot over him also. He will point and has no problem with the gun, but will take more work than the others.