Pointer Female

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Pointer Female

  Andy Neria

  207 W Elm
          Savonburg, Kansas - United States




I have a nice 3 year old female pointer for sale. She was whelped 2-6-04. This dog is a bird finding machine and upon arriving at your kennel will be the best birddog in your kennel. She is whoa broke. She can be whoaed into a back. She retrieves about 50% of the time. Its natural. She has not really had any work retrieving. You could make her a very reliable retriever. She is super fancy and fast on the ground. This dog is not a shooting dog candidate. That is why she is for sale. She runs enough but she pulls her tail on point about 25% of the time. She went up north last summer and this dog has seen more birds then most. I've killed hundreds of wild birds over this dog. Pheasants quail and prairie chickens. She has a super nose and just has that bird savvy that you don't see that often. She is Miller bred and solid white. She is out of Ice Storm (House's Ice Man ex Cloudburst) and Ending's Silver Belle (daugher of Miller's Silver Ending) If you are looking for a first class bird finding machine and maybe a dog to raise some nice pups out of then give me a shout. This dog will outbird your buddy's dogs. I guarantee it.