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Upland labs

  Dustin Kalp

  7498 N. Hillside
          Valley Center, Kansas - United States




1) Yellow female - 2year old, short and stalky. Close ranging dog, has done some guiding and wild bird hunting.
2) Chocolate male - 2 year old, big and blocky. Will range out some if you let him. hunts hard.

Both dogs are all natural. No bells and whistles training here. Both could use a tune up, have not been worked on birds in a while. Both could double as waterfowl dogs with some solid obedience training. These are just hunting dogs - nothing more, nothing less. I thought I'd have more time to work these guys, and sell them for a much higher price, but it just didn't work out that way. Both are totally gun broke and come with AKC registeration.
Will show on birds at my kennel.