Female English Pointer

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Female English Pointer

  Thomas Sullivan

   Mason Lane
          Pembroke, Kentucky - United States



45 lb. Liver/White. Kate "Bug" is a wonderful family pet with great hunting ability and instinct. She has an average nose, with short to medium range. She whoas, points, holds and retrieves. She is above average in all with a little more room for improvement. She listens and learns well and obeys commands even when she's all wound up in the hunt. She is e-collar conditioned but does not like the audible chirps. When the collar and gun come out she is ready to work. She travels well in a car and has never messed in the house. She does need constant exercise (at least 3 hours a day of playing and running outside). She is a beautiful dog that gets a lot of compliments from hunters for her grace, beauty and stamina. She is very high performance. She will do well in a family environment where she can be inside with the family and let out to run openly. Kate will take a few weeks to warm up to her master but after that she will love you and obey you at all times. She does like to sit on the couch and even up on the bed, but she will also do well on a doggie bed. She does not like other dogs but will ignor them and hunt along side of them with out any problem. If you have other family pets she WILL adjust. She is very lean and muscular and will require Iamms/Science diet grade food or better because of her high energy. We feed her suppliment snacks and rice and chicken to keep her weight up. She will be delivered with vet check/heartworm test and current shot records. Once again, she is a family dog first! We will not consider selling her to anyone who doesn't have land for her to run on or who plans on caging or tying her up. One year supply of Heartguard and Flea and Tick Protection will come with her.
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