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Started Female Pointing Lab

  Jon Thomas

  6795 N. Patterson Rd.
          Solsberry, Indiana - United States



Mustang Sally is ready to stock your freezer. This 22 month old, 50lb, black female out of Elcanan Labradors will put birds to the gun both in the field as well as in the blind. A product of GMPR Barracuda’s Swiss Chocolate and CP Elcanan’s Razzle Dazzle JH both legs of her ancestry are astounding with 5 GMPR's in her previous 3 generations bearing such names as the famed Sir Hershey, Cajun, Cody, Black Magic, and her grandfather, FC, AFC, CFC, CAFC Barracuda Blue MH. Combining her parents pedigrees there are over 40 Champion titled dogs in their previous 5 generations. OB, CC, FF, sweet natured, all behind a beautiful point. With a real “getter-done” attitude she absolutely lives to hunt and please.

It really makes us sick to sell her. She was spayed because she is Ectropion meaning that her lower eyelids sag. The condition is correctible with stitches however because it is considered inheritable the right thing to do was to have her spayed. As a breeder it is a trait that I prefer to not pass on even though it is not a precursor to eye diseases or blindness. According to the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) it is considered a "Breeder Option".

If you want a true gun dog than you’ve got it in Mustang Sally. Spayed, she wants to please you and you only, not the good lookin boy down the road. Cattail Kennels will warrant her eyes for disease and her hips for 12 months from the purchase date.
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