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Started BLM

  Dominick Ritter

  OH-United States



The Lab that I have for sale is a 15 month old BLM, he weighs in at around 70# and is a legging dog. He has been FF'd, CC'd his OB his super. He is steady to shoot he is 2 for 2 in HRC Started HT. I have been working on casting drills and has been doing well, but still needs work. He has a lot of desire both land and water. Retrieves doubles land and water out to 75 yds on land and 50 yds on water.
Some more back ground on this dog.. I trained this dog last year for a boy that lives in NE Ohio. About 1.5 months ago he called me and said that he was getting out of waterfowl hunting and selling everything including his dog. I agreed to take the dog and sell him for them. I have had this dog since the first of April and have been working with him to iron out some bugs that they let him get away with. He has a 1/2 season of hunting under his belt in which he retrieved ducks and geese.
Right now this dog is ready for the duck blind and with a little more work will be ready for HRC Seasoned HT. I am going to work on a video of him working within the next week or so.