2 year old Chocolate Female Lab(housetrained)

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2 year old Chocolate Female Lab(housetrained)

  Serena Baxley

  AL-United States



Hey all. I really hate to be writing this post. My husband and I are looking for a home for our 2 year old chocolate female labrador retriever(she be two on July 25th). She is beautiful, housetrained, knows sit, shake and away/down. She is milk chocolate in color and is lighter on her back. She is not spayed and has never been pregnant. We got her about 3 weeks ago from a man who could no longer take care of her. We intended for her to be a mostly inside dog, that is what she is used to being. Unfortuanately I am very allergic to her. This upsets me greatly because she is and will be a great family dog. So now we have had to make her an outside dog until we can find a great home for her. I was going to try to keep her, but I can not even play with her without breaking out and itching, and that is unfair to her. She was inside with us the first week she was here, and she was a little nervous at first. But once she got use to us she calmed down and was very mellow and just laid around. She gets a little hyper when she is excited, but she is still a puppy, and that is really only because I cant play with her much, like she needs to be. She never had an accident inside, even overnight. She was very gentle with my toddler when inside. She knows basic commands such as sit, shake and down/away. She gets a little excited outside though. She does need some more training, I have been trying to teach her fetch. She will go after it, but does not always bring it back. She has AKC papers and is fullblooded, but please ask me for further info on this, if you are intrested in her. We live in Alabama. The ideal home for her would be were she could be an inside dog, with an active family, hopefully with children to play with. A hunter in the family that would train her for this would also be fine. She is a small lab, I would say she probably weighs around 50 lbs by looking at her. She has beautiful yellowish gold eyes. Note: She has had her rabies shot and been wormed since we got her but is due for annual exam and all other vaccinations. She had all her vaccinations as a puppy and I have her vet records. I will send a picture to interested parties. Please e-mail me directly if you are interested.