GOLDEN RETRIEVER - purebred FEMALE in MN *Minnesota*

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GOLDEN RETRIEVER - purebred FEMALE in MN *Minnesota*

  Laura F

  MN-United States




We MUST find a home for an ~ 11 mos. old PUREBRED (non-reg.) *FEMALE* Golden retriever **BEAUTIFUL lady**

She is PRECIOUS - full of love - and very high energy and would prefer a home with a very large fenced in yard or a place out in the country. She is a very, kind & loving dog, a perfect family pet. She is UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS !!! Perfect coat of medium golden color ! She is the shade in between a really dark golden & a really light golden. She has one of the prettiest faces/heads I have ever seen in a golden...nice, broad & beautiful. She has not been raised around little/small children, simply because we do not have children.

REASONS to PLACE her: She can be very aggressive with my 2 other dogs over food & toys, I would recommend a home where she can be the ONLY dog or someone with lots of time & patience to break her of this aggressive behavior. I can SAFELY PUT MY HAND into her food-dish while she eats & she has NEVER once growled at me - but is occasionally very nasty to her siblings. Although she spent a week with a tiny 4 pound chihauhua and NEVER once attacked him & a week with a chinese pug (under 20 lbs.) and was never mean to him either - but for SAFETY for her & the other dogs - I want her in a one-dog only home.

ADOPTION FEE: $100 to assure she gets a great, responsible & loving home.

If you are interested...please E-MAIL ME about yourself, your family and living situation. Also whether or not you have other pets (cats, dogs, birds, etc.)

Thank you ! PLEASE call anytime on the weekends or after 9 pm cst (MN/WI time) on the weekdays **** 320-296-9115 ****

***PLEASE—USA residents only***

We want to assure the MOST LOVING HOME for her ! She loves to run & play fetch & really enjoys swimming in her pool ! She has so much fun in the water ! She would bring so much joy into your home !