Well started Black Female retriever in Northern California

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Well started Black Female retriever in Northern California - Sold Out

  Rex Archer

  CA-United States

  530 743 8547



Molly is 1.5 years old, AKC registered about 55 lbs. has been wild bird hunting is a good temperament dog, not an alpha, great retriever. Retrieves Ducks, pheasants, to hand, has been shot over many times, has been experienced in wild bird areas in training and in hunting. This training method has made Yuba River Gun dogs known across the USA and some foreign country's as dogs ready to hunt as soon as they bond with their new family! We train and sell a small amount of started gun dogs every year and Molly excels in wild bird hunting and Marking the falling bird and being sent on blinds, Molly has great prey drive, does not give up until downed bird is found and delivered to hand as shown on the Video! .

Call or E-mail for video of molly.
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