Well Started Yellow Male Northern California

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Well Started Yellow Male Northern California - Sold Out

  Rex Archer

  CA-United States

  530 743 8547



RUSTY is a AKC registered Retriever, who has been trained since 8 weeks of age in Wild Bird terrain, he is a great retriever, with great prey drive, good nose. heels beside you as you go out to the Blind or other stand, has all shots up to date, prelim hips, out of my gun dogs. Have Video of Rusty in training , he has retrieved many Shot birds to hand, and has sat when shooting two birds from blind, and until sent to retrieve both. Rusty is trained to be a duck dog, but if I wanted, he is also a pointing lab and i could train him as a upland bird dog too. But I know hunters are not all the asme some want a Duck dog and pet, for them I have trained Rusty.

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Gun Dog Book