(TX) "Cane" started 5 yr old male, EXTREMELY Driven, Field Tested

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(TX) "Cane" started 5 yr old male, EXTREMELY Driven, Field Tested

  Eric Sutton

  TX-United States


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"Gamefinder's Rasining Cane" Son of "Watermark's The BOSS". Force Fetched, Steady, Running Doubles. Cane is an extremely talented hunting dog, he has an unbeatable drive, he is a very fast learner and very eager to please. He would be capable of completing more advanced retriever training if desired. He already has 2 Junior HT passes.

Cane was the prized posession of a Hunter out of the Houston, TX area. Health issues caused the owner to have to give Cane up. Cane has completed many hunts on land and in water in South and Central Texas where his owner had a large hunting lease. Cane has missed hunting and cannot wait to be back at a master's side in the field picking up birds. Cane is extremely obedient, friendly, and a very handsome dog. He would make an exceptional hunting companion and pet.
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