Bella vom Cedar Valley - German Shorthaired Pointer

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Bella vom Cedar Valley - German Shorthaired Pointer

  Jim Shupe

  12941 Sarala Dr.
          St.Louis, Missouri - United States


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Bella vom Cedar Valley, is force fetched, staunch, and housebroken. She is also collar conditioned to quiet, whoa, and fetch. Her search is outstanding!

Bella has lived in the house for most of her life. She gets along well with other dogs and children. True to her pottsepon bloodline she has high drive in the field and is calm and well-behaved in the house.

I have tested her in the NAVHDA NA and plan on testing her in the UT this spring. She is registered with NAVHDA and The AKC. Her parents are German dogs, registered and tested with the DKV in Germany so she has all the breeding for blood tracking, waterfowl, upland, and obedience that the real German (Deutsch-Kurzhaar) shorthairs are still bred for to this day.

She has hunted pheasant in Kansas and wild quail in MO with great success. She was also my go-to dog when I felt like hunting quail on my farm.

I have enjoyed every minute spent training her and hunting with her. She is a quick learner and full of desire. If she had a German pedigree she would not be for sale.
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