Well started Hunting Labrador

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Well started Hunting Labrador - Sold Out

  Rex Archer

  CA-United States

  530 743 8547



Northern California.

Sam is well started in all around hunting of upland and waterfowl. He has been trained in wild bird habitat and has had birds shot over him and retrieved to hand. Sam is good tempered, plays with our Yorky, and kids. He is also obedient trained, to heel, sit, down, here, and load up. Sams out of my Black stud dog, who is out of a Master hunter. He was given to me as stud fee. He has been well trained to hunt, flush, retrieve birds from where they fall. Sam will stay in the area of fall until he finds the bird.

Sam has drive, a great water entry, is about 65-70 pounds, good with other dogs.