French Spaniel - Finished dog

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French Spaniel - Finished dog

  Paul Fischenich

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Rochelle is a six year old female French Spaniel. She is a very accomplished hunter in all respects. She works at an easy pace and distance for the average hunter. She is a great retriever. The French Spaniel is a rare breed in the United States. Many of our clients love having a dog that very few others have ever seen.

The French Spaniel is a wonderful combination of intelligence, beauty and great temperament. They do as well in the home as in the field. They make great family pets as well as hunting partners.

The only reason we are selling Rochelle is that we are not going to use her for pups any more and are bringing in some younger dogs who will carry on the legacy that dogs like Rochelle has set for our kennel. Check out the youtube videos below to see some examples of Rochelle hunting.

Link to Rochelle retrieving a pheasant on a South Dakota hunt!

Link to Rochelle working in the field .