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Eager to Please,Bird Finder Llewellin - Sold Out

  Kevin Jordan

  426 Terry Point Rd
          Dandridge, Tennessee - United States




Llewellin English Setter,Whelped 8/5/07:Dakota Wentworth(Cody) is a strong running male with birds on the brain. He has been on grouse,quail and pigeons. He has a great disposition when working the fields or woods. He is far behind started but not quite finishes at this point. He has been to George Hickox bird dog school and was trained using his method and style. He responds well to voice or whistle commands such as,works in close,holds,bends,soft mouthed,kennel, heel,here, whoa and is collar conditioned both front and rear. He is Tri color Liver. DNA is on file with Field Dog stud Book # 1603753.I have the 4 generation pedigree which shows he is from the Bondhu bloodline He is a one owner dog from a pup.