Well Started Male Brittany

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Well Started Male Brittany - Sold Out

  Douglas Jones

  5209 W. 163rd Street
          Stilwell, Kansas - United States



Rusty is a well started brittany, and will be 2 yrs. old in February 2010. He has been collar conditioned and holds point well. He knows the commands here, kennel, heel, and whoa (although he needs more work on whoa on birds, but he holds point naturally). He does not retrieve, but he will point dead birds, as well as run to downed birds that he sees fall and mouth them until you pick them up. He could probably be force broken fairly easily. The reason for selling is simply because I have several other finished bird dogs (pointers and setters), and Rusty just does not run quite big enough to get many finds when hunting with the other dogs - so I find myself not giving him the time he deserves. He backs another dogs point naturally, and has been trained on hundreds of pen raised quail and some wild quail and pheasants as well. I hunt wild birds in North Dakota and Kansas every year, and Rusty has made those trips and done well. I have also used him a few times while guiding quail hunters on a local preserve. He does a good job at finding dead birds because he stays close and hunts dead while the pointers are off and running again. He would be excellent for situations that require a close working bird dog (out to about 50 yds.). He has a good nose and will sometimes point from a good distance away (as indicated in photo). I feel that he could be a good bird dog and companion for the right person, and he is also a very friendly good natured dog and quiet in the kennel. Please call Doug at 770-461-6707 if interested. Thanks.