Finished German Shorthair

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Finished German Shorthair - Sold Out

  Benjamin maixner

  ND-United States



This is my personal gun dog, he is steady to wing, shot, and fall. I never had to force break him to retrieve, because he loved to do it naturally. I have hunted him in 9 different states on Pheasants, Sharpies, Huns, California's, Merne's, Sage Grouse and my favorite Chuckers. He is a true bird dog in every meaning of the word. He is young 15 months, but very bird savey! I live on the grasslands of North Dakota so he has spent his whole life around thousands of wild birds. He has never and I mean never seen a pen raised or hunt club bird. He had seen more birds by 10 months old, than alot of dogs will see in their life. the only reason he is getting sold is I have got to make room in my kennel because I have another litter coming at the end of this month. I have a ton more pictures and if need be will make a video of him for serious inquiries. He is a stud foot dog!!!!! You will shoot a ton of birds over him. I GUARANTEE IT!!!!