German Shorthairs and English Setter for Sale

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German Shorthairs and English Setter for Sale

  Aaron Gudahl

  972 100th Ave
          Sherburn, Minnesota - United States


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Orange and white 40-45 lbs. with a full season of hunting with me. She is a full-bred female English Setter. Experienced on wild birds. Whoa, Whistle, Here trained. Very steady on point. Backs on sight. She finds dead birds and runs down cripples. Roxy is a lover, and a fun dog to hunt. Loads in a dog box. No papers. $2500

Black and Roan. Smoke is a beautiful male GSP. 1 year old, 55-60 lbs. AKC Papers. Well socialized and well trained – he’s friendly and lovable. Steady on point. Whoa trained, Here trained, Whistle trained, Natural retrieve. Good dog with a ton of potential in the field. He is accustomed to loading in a dog box. $3000.

AKC Bred Male GSP. Liver Roan, weighs 50 lbs. Points his birds nice and retrieves. Steady on point, Whoa trained, Here trained, Whistle trained, Loads in a dog box. High energy, all-day kind of dog. Dash is very friendly and will make someone a great hunting partner. $3000.

Fudge - SOLD
1 yr. old Male GSP. House broke, kennel broke, crate broke. This dog comes in from hunting and climbs in the shower with me to get cleaned up. He has wonderful manners – great with our children. Stays off the furniture! Fudge is well trained with wild bird experiences. Whoa, Here, Whistle trained. Steady on point and retrieves to hand. He is a big dog – weighing close to 65 lbs. White, with white ticks and a solid black head. He is nice looking! AKC papers. He is our house dog, and a top notch hunting companion. We will only sell him to a good home with someone who will love on him in the house and hunt him in the field. He is pretty special. Serious Inquiries Only! $5500

1 yr. old. Liver Roan Male GSP with AKC papers. Outstanding dog - I plan to hunt Buster myself this fall and sell him next spring finished on wild birds. I am advertising him now because finished dogs are hard to find. Call for pricing.

We don't sell our puppies, but you can choose a puppy and reserve it as a started dog. We currently have a litter of 8 pups, (6 males, 2 females) with excellent bloodlines and papers. A deposit is required to reserve a dog. Call for photos and guidelines.
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