VERY classy, broke Elhew male

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VERY classy, broke Elhew male - Sold Out

  Shawn Eisenhauer

  KS-United States


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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful animal is about as accurate as we can be describing Mac. We raised Mac from a pup and sent him to South Carolina last year where he got his start on Johnny house birds and wild woodcock. He also ran in a couple derby stakes while still a puppy and was quite impressive. Then we brought him back here and worked him on wild pheasant and quail. We broke him this spring and then he went to California and was developed by a pro handler out there for 3 more months. Now he's back here and we've been using him again on wild pheasants and quail. I have a fortune wrapped up in this dog. He has shooting dog champion capabilities if a person wants to spend the money to run him. He is the epitome of the Elhew Pointer. He has a big, blocky head; a wide, powerful chest; a very strong frame and a thick, poker tail. Mac is sired by Elhew Sinbad and his dam is Elhew Sunshine.

Mac handles like a glove. He is big and very strong and can flat pound through the heavy CRP grass and milo stubble that we have been using him in this year. At only 1 1/2 years old now he will hold his own with, or out find almost any dog you put him on the ground with. He is already a brag dog and one of the most beautiful animals most people will ever get to watch work. His style is impeccable both on point and backing. Normally I wouldn't part with Mac for less then $7500 but in this economy he will be sold for $5500. Some field trialer could get $10,000 for him with their clientele. He is broke and ready to run, I'm just not going to waste the money on trialing anymore when I can better spend it wild bird hunting.

Any questions or if you want to watch him work contact Shady Meadows Gundogs at 660-832-4233 and ask for Shawn or e-mail
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