Well Started Male Pointer

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Well Started Male Pointer - Sold Out

  Douglas Jones

  KS-United States



Clyde is a three year old well started pointer. Very stylish point, whoa broke, steady to wing (most of the time), and fair retriever. I acquired Clyde as a 2 year old dog, and his previous owner was an older gentleman who did not have time to hunt him and did not use an e-collar. So Clyde was used for brief outings and then allowed the run of the place. Unfortunately, I think this has led to a quirk that I am unsure how to correct. The dog will hunt hard for 30 to 45 minutes, but then will simply shut down and head for the truck or house. He is not gunshy - he will hunt through several points and retrieves, but then will just decide it is time to stop. I work as a guide on a local preserve, so this habit will simply not work in my situation. Plus I have numerous other fully trained dogs. So at this point I realize that I am simply not going to have time to work through this with Clyde, and I hope someone might be willing to take a chance on him. He really is a good dog, quiet in the kennel and gentle, and could be great if not for this habit. The price is simply to cover some of the feed and shots (he is current on everything). Located in middle Georgia. Please call Doug at 770-461-6707 if interested.
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