B/W Brittany with an incredible nose

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B/W Brittany with an incredible nose - Sold Out

  Shawn Eisenhauer

  KS-United States



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Jack is a 2 year old black and white Brittany. He has a little French Brittany in his pedigree back on his mom's side which is where the black color comes from. He is a tall, fast dog with a chokebore nose. Seriously, on a scale of 1-10 his nose is a 10. Flat blew me away. I'm not a Brittany guy at all and I really hate to see a Brittany finding birds before a Pointer or a Shorthair but that's what happens unless he's just out ran in the field and the other dog finds the bird first because he's out front of Jack. Jack's nose really gives him an advantage against dogs with the same range as him. They'll be backing him all day long. He's whoa broke, whistle broke, here broke and gun broke. Contact shawn at Shady Meadows Gundogs 660-832-4233