Close to Finished Female GSP - 1year 3 months old -- Ready to Hunt

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Close to Finished Female GSP - 1year 3 months old -- Ready to Hunt

  Matt Alberti

  4800 Branched Oak Rd
          Davey, Nebraska - United States



"Dixie" is a well-bred shorthair that is eager to please with excellent drive in the field. She comes from a bloodline of many great pointing dogs including NFC LB'S OHI Shameless.

Her demeanor includes a rare combination of a very birdie dog that is still very good around other dogs and people.

Dixie runs hard and has great conditioning. She is over quail and pheasants every day on our farm. Once she goes on point the first time on our daily outing (in my well-populated field this takes only minutes) she goes into overdrive. She acts as if she just cannot get enough time in the field. I am usually ready to go in before she is ready to kennel.

Dixie has a great nose, and a nice forward ground covering run. Dixie has great style on point and is very staunch as well.

Dixie was professionally trained. Her trainers commented that she is a real quick learner and responded fast to every command she was taught.

Dixie has completed the basic yard work/obedience training including the kennel, come, and heel commands. In addition, she is whoa broke, collar conditioned, whistle broke, gun broke and retrieves to hand.

If you have serious interest, I can send more pictures and her full pedigree. Please email me with these requests.
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