Several Started Weims + Puppies

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Several Started Weims + Puppies

  Melissa Rogers

  TX-United States

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We are currently selling all of our weimaraners. Listed below are the dogs that we currently have available.


All Listed names are located on the 'Our Dogs' page of with their pics and pedigrees. Those with an "*" do not have pics on the website, but pics can be provided.

1. *Fancy [Silver Female]: "Fancy No Ribbons or Bows" -- (From the Nani and Smokey City Lines) $4000.00
**Fancy is currently bred to Vito. Due date is 06/06/2006. She is great with children, other dogs and is nice in the house. She is currently in training for the show ring.

2. Lacy Lynne [Silver Female]: "Ariels Lacy Lynn" -- (pedigree on website) $1000.00 proven mother. Lacy is great with kids, other dogs, cats, anything that you put in front of her. She is pleasure hunt trained and obedience trained.

3. *Omar [Blue Male]: "Ariels Omar Yale" -- (Pedigree available upon request) $1500.00 Omar is great with other dogs, even males, he is pleasure hunt trained, obedience trained & great with kids.

4. Mike' [Silver Longhaired Female]: "Ariels Mike' Richelle Lamar" -- (Valkyrie's bloodlines, pedigree on website) $4000.00
**Mike' is currently with 7 puppies (4 females and 3 males) and the puppies are being sold with her. The puppies were born on March 23, 2006. {If you may be interested in just Mike' without the puppies, her price is $2000.00 and her puppies are $600 each, the puppies will be ready by May 6, 2006.}. Mike' is pleasure hunt trained, obedience trained, great with kids and nice in the house. She will easily take a JH if put into the tests.

5. Cort [Silver Male] "Ariels Cort Hastings Lear" -- (From Vito and Ryder lines, pedigree on website) $1500.00. He has awesome instinct for the hunt and great size for the show. This pup is about 9 months old currently. He is great with kids and other dogs.

6. Emily [Silver Female] "Ariels Emelie Amara Callan" -- (From Australian and Westend's Lines, Sister to Cort, pedigree on website) $2000.00 Hunting Training has begun. She will retrieve from water, point and hold for a minute or two, obedience training has also begun, JH test should be no problem for her. She is great with kids and other dogs.

7. *Jamie [Blue Female] "No registered Name" (pedigree upon request) $750.00 Jamie has been started on obedience, is great with kids and all other dogs. She is about 8 months old.

8. Bridget [Silver Female] "No registered Name" (From LH male, Jesse and Lacy, pedigree on website) $750.00 Bridget is good with kids, great with other dogs (even little dogs), started on obedience. Bridget is about 3 months old.

9. *Billie [Silver Female] "Billie H" (From Omar's Lines, also is Line bred to Omar, but sale will be after she whelps and 1/2 the litter will be sold with her. 1/2 the litter is being returned to her previous owner.) Price to be determined after whelping. She is great with other dogs, nice in the house, great with kids. Proven mother, has nice instinct, but has never been formally trained. She has some obedience training.

10. Vito [Silver Male] "Britfeld Vito Corleone" -- Directly Imported from Australia. (OFA Good, Proven Breeder, has 2 sons from previous breedings that took BISS.) $7000.00 Trained for JH hunt tests, currently training for shows. Vito will retrieve from the water, point and hold, is great with kids, good with female dogs, is obedience trained. This is boy that will take you to the MH in the hunt tests, CH in the shows and possibly a obedience title also!

If you are interested in more than one, a package can be worked. All dogs are AKC registered or registerable. All dogs have a full registration. Shipping is available by plane for puppies and by Red Wing Hound Haulers for Adults. Shipping is above and beyond the price of the dog. Please e-mail for more information.
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