Well started Gun dog in california

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Well started Gun dog in california

  Rex Archer

  CA-United States




Deauce is a well started duck dog, trained since he was 8 weeks old on obediance, retrieving, land and water retrieves, in many differant types of fields, with pigeons, ducks, pheasents, live, frozen, and dokken ducks, shot over, has wild pheasent hunted in rice fields. Deauce will sit, mark, and go when sent. His dad is a master hunter and his mom is a daughter of a NFC, he is chocolate factored, weighs about 70 lbs, Hips have been xrayed good, just right for boat hunting. has a great temperment, has great speed going to and from the retrieve, is very clean in the kennel, loads up into pick up fast. He is going on 11 months old.