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  Sara Heesacker

  CO-United States



Surefire Kennels is excited to announce the breeding of Sundance Wyatt Earp UT1 to VC Outlanders Noble Reflection. Both of these dogs come from many generations of wild bird dogs who have also had success in multiple testing venues. This pedigree is stacked with NAVHDA Versatile Champions, UT Prize 1s, AKC Master Hunters, Dual Champions and Field Champions. Our goal is to breed independent and hard working bird dogs that are highly cooperative, and this litter should produce just that. Both Wyatt and Elsa have a commanding presence in the field and water, yet are family oriented and easily transition to the house at the end of the day.

Sundance Wyatt Earp UT-1 (Wyatt) comes from a strong line of wild bird dogs and he has proven himself to be an exceptional bird dog. Wyatt has been hunted on Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock in northern Minnesota and pheasants and quail in Illinois and Kansas. Just like his sire FC/AFC Red Oaks Dez SH and his grandsire, VC Jacob vd Westwind MH, Wyatt covers ground with speed and style. Wyatt sticks birds hard and is equally at home in the water. Wyatt is a constant companion, both in the field and in the house. Wyatt is a Utility Prize 1 204 and ran in the 2018 Invitational with Kyle Hough to a score of 191. Wyatt has 2 Master Hunter passes and will continue working on this title in Spring of 2020.

VC Outlanders Noble Reflection (Elsa) is a joy to hunt behind. She has an innate ability to adapt to different cover and hunt effectively in a variety of terrains. From the mountains of Colorado hunting blue grouse to the prairies of South Dakota chasing pheasants, she is in her element. Elsa is a methodical and focused hunter that has been a pleasure to train. Her cooperation really showed while training for the NAVHDA Invitational as she learned the tasks quickly and with ease. Elsa loves to back! She will honor with as much intensity and focus as she points regardless of her distance from the other dog in the field. She is consistently the same dog day in and day out, on every bird contact. Her honesty lends to her ability to be handled by anybody, including our 6 year old daughter. She has begun taking Elsa to obedience, showmanship and agility training sessions to prepare for 4-H and AKC competition. Elsa received a max score of 200 at the 2019 NAVHDA Invitational. She has 4 legs of her Master Hunter completed and will continue working on this title in the coming weeks and months

Both dogs are OFA Hip Good.This breeding has a COI of 10.55% with 526 Unique Ancestors. This litter will be AKC and NAVHDA Registered. Please contact us for more information regarding this litter.

Sara and Jake Heesacker
(970)420-3850 and (970)218-6032
Nunn, Colorado