German Shortaired Pointer 11 month old male puppy

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German Shortaired Pointer 11 month old male puppy

  Jonathan Miller

  OH-United States



Gunnar is an 11 month old purebred German Shorthaired Pointer.
76 lbs Male
Solid liver coloring
All paperwork/AKC documentation on hand
Up to date on all vaccinations and preventions
Crate trained
Very good with kids but can accidentally knock smaller children down due to his size. We have a 4 year old and he's very sweet with her.
Follows basic commands - sit, lay, stay. Gunnar is very trainable but needs someone to put the time in to work with him.

Due to recent changes in our work schedules we cannot give Gunnar the attention, exercise and training that he deserves and we wish to rehome him with a family/owner that is a better match for his needs.

NOTE - This is a very high energy dog that needs several hours of vigorous activity every day. A few walks around the block are not going to be enough to keep him happy. I would recommend this breed only to experienced GSP owners or those who are looking for a highly intelligent and capable hunting companion.

Rehoming fee $350.
If interested please email us with some details about why Gunnar would be a good fit for your family. We want to make sure he is going somewhere where he'll be very safe, happy and healthy.

The dog is located in Columbus, Ohio