Small Munsterlander Puppies For Sale

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Small Munsterlander Puppies For Sale

  Tyler Tysver

  MN-United States



Small Munsterlanders make wonderful versatile hunting dogs and are also wonderful companions and family dogs. 7 puppies born July 14th. 3 males available. Ready to go to homes around September 8th. Pups are from proven and tested bloodlines.

Tysver's B Litter

Lakewood's Beretta Paisley X Bilstar's Davy Jones

Lakewood's Beretta Paisley (Female)

Whelped: 08/25/2010

Coat: Dense, Soft

Call name: Paisley

Reg #: 13013007 KlM

Color: Brown/Roan

Height: 19.75"

Length: 21.75"

Weight: 35 lbs

NA: 72 NP

N-3 S-2 W-4 P-1 T-1 D-3 C-3 (1 year old)

UPT: 142 Pr III

OFA: SMU-178E62F-NOPI (Excellent)

Sire:Krystal Creek Austin:

NA 112 P I, UT 204,PennHIP: 0.46/0.44, Roan

Dam:Crabtree's Daisy Belle

Bilstar's Davy Jones (Male)

NA 110 Pr I, UPT 110 Pr III, OFA Good, Roan Whelped: December 17, 2014

Coat: Dense, Soft

Call Name: Ruger

Reg #: 14121702 KlM

Color: Br/Wh

Height: 22" / 56 cm

Length: 24.5" / 62 cm

Weight: 56 lbs

NA: 96 Prize III age 8 months

N-4 S-4 W-4 P-3 T-1 D-3 C-3

OFA: SMU-197G28M-VPI Good

SIRE: Zandor vom Fuchseck:

NA: 106 Pr I VJP: 68 UT: 192 Pr II PennHIP 0.23/0.19 KlM-D HD-A Dark Roan

DAM: Bilstar Catherine Ross:

NA: 108 Pr I, SMU-151E26F-VPI (Excellent) Br/Wh

These are incredible hunting dogs and also wonderful dogs in the home and around kids!

Please call for further details as I am still taking deposits.
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