AKC Labrador Puppies (Black and Yellow)

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AKC Labrador Puppies (Black and Yellow)

  Seth Griffeth

  3319 W 1600 N
          3319 W 1600 N
          CLINTON, Utah - United States




These puppies have been bred to work the field all day. They are already showing signs of great retrieving drive and have retrieved little bumpers with they're training. They come when called and will calm right down when they are held. They have been highly socialized as well with strangers and good with kids.

Only 5 left.

Black Male 1
Black Female 1
Yellow Female 1
Yellow Female 2
Yellow Male 1

The dam, Nyx is an athletic yellow lab that comes from a good line of family and hunting lines. She has proven to be gentle around kids but will retrieve all day long. She is a lean 70 pounds and has a great looking build. She has been trained with basic obedience and is now just starting to do double retrieves. She’s very intelligent and easy to train, as well as having a retrieving drive that is unmatched. She is a great all around dog.

The sire Ruegar C from RCP Kennels. Ruegar has been cleared of EIC/CNM through DNA testing. He has a great pedigree with FC and AFC champions on both sides. Ruegar is a beast in the field year in year out retrieving all types of fowl. He is a 95-pound chocolate lab that is beautifully built with a great head, solid chest and big paws. Ruegar is a great family dog as well. He is so gentle around all kids and is very obedient. He is the best of both worlds.
Visit https://ruegarcpups.wixsite.com/labs/photo-gallery

We expect this to be a great litter with a good pedigree, great retrieving drive, easy to train and beautiful family dogs. If you are interested or have any questions email,call or text.
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