Blacks and Yellows HRCH Scoot MH X Riley

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Blacks and Yellows HRCH Scoot MH X Riley

  Matt Larkin

  708 CR 3140
          Crockett, Texas - United States



Black and Yellows Born June 18th, 2017
HRCH Arizona Trumarc's Midnight Run MH ( BLK )
Hips: LR-193014E33M-VPI Excellent
Elbows: Normal
Eyes: LR-357919
CNM: CNM11-556-M-PIV - Clear
EIC: LR-EIC1414/24M-VPI Clear
Weight 85lbs

Allie's Riley ( YLW )
Hips: LR-216186E36F-VPI -- excellent
Eyes: LR-EYE7718/36F-VPI
CNM: clear by parentage
EIC: carrier
Weight: 60lbs

Arizona Trumarcs Midnight Run (call name Scoot) born 07/14/08 is a very intense, energetic, focus, and muscular Black Labrador Retriever. Scoots desire, stamina, and marking/retrieving ability is unmeasured he will run and retrieve any distance you ask him to run (singles, doubles or triples). Scoot loves to retrieve on land, in water and runs a blind with the same energy as a mark. Scoot has trained and ran in AKC Derbys marking/retrieving at 500 yards. He received his UKC Finished Title (Hunting Retriever Champion) in April 2011 and received his AKC Jr Title in March 2010. Scoot has a great family bloodline that includes his Father Esprit Out Of The Woods QAA (Tiger). Scoot is a very determined retriever with an explosive desire to retrieve that when leaving the line slings dirt 15 feet. He knows when its time to go to work and is a pleasure to have in the house. He may not run hunt tests like he use to, but still gets hunted every year and just an all around great family dog.

Riley is an awesome hunting dog with lots of retrieving desire and style. But she also knows when to turn it off and hang out in the house when needed. A great family dog. Even though she was never run in hunt tests, she hunts and has several littermates with AKC and UKC titles.
Price $800
Litter owner Robert Duncan, but contact Helena Larkin