Vizsla pups possibly (Not a kennel)

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Vizsla pups possibly (Not a kennel)

  Joe Rieger

  OH-United States



Hello, I am considering breeding my vizsla female in order to have a few pups for my family and any additional pups just to find a good home for. A good home to me is a home that keeps the dogs in the house and also has outdoor area for pups/dogs. A good home is also a home in which the dogs are taken for walks daily and hunting pheasant and grouse periodically based on season. The female I am considering breeding is an excellent pheasant and grouse hunter. Who has pointed her left paw at a hidden pheasant and look back at you to let you know hey there is a bird here. Last year in pheasant season I went 5 for 6 as I missed 1, but only allowed 2 cocks each outing. Last grouse flew about 1/4 of a mile before it went down on a ridge in Appalachia, and I never would had found it but dog was on it the whole flight. Also taking the dog fishing is good as they like the water. If my female did have pups they wouldn't be ready until around oct nov 2017 timeframe. Grandfather had limited registration and passed away last year so you will never ever be able to AKC register any of the female's pups. I'm sure a picture of any pups would let you know vizsla should she have pups and I decide to breed her. Since no AKC registration ever possible the price would be reduced in accordance. At this point in time I am getting a feel for any interest by you just in case I do breed the female. I'm in Ohio. As I said I am not a Kennel but just might want to extend my family. 937-221-8780