FC x Qual Placing Dam two BLF pups

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FC x Qual Placing Dam two BLF pups

  Tobias Martin

  MT-United States



They are here and we have two females left. Here is what your looking at.
I searched all over the county to find a stud that would cross well with my female, not just look good on paper. Things that I was looking for, must have run nationals before 5 years old Hunter has twice might even make it a third time before the year is up. Must have come from a proven cross (i.e siblings that have placed or made the derby list) he has 4 siblings all are Qaa all had derby jams or placements some made the derby list. Must be from a proven Sire! His Sire is Carbon need I say more Three National Campions and grandsire to more. BUT most Importantly the Studs Dam Must be a proven competitor. His Dam FC AFC Kimber was a National Finalist the year he ran his first nationals. Hunter was one of the youngest dogs in the field. Then Came the most Important factor what would we produce? my dam needs a little more punch to the long bird, he has a go as far as needs to attitude, My female needs a little more pray drive he has extra to spare. These things matter because I want a better dog from the offspring not just a better paper to look at. Hunter Lives for the retrieve, Lisa Works Hard Wants to Please and has a Brain that out thinks mine most days. But never to be over looked is the pedigree was I lining up Families that have proven to cross well together. Was I giving these pups a better chance at being amazing based on family history? If you look into these pups 5 gen pedigree you will find 7 historical crosses that produced amazing Trial dogs and hunt test competiors.

So in short I did the ground work, you do the training and enjoy these pups to the fullest of their ability.

FC Utopian Sixteen Hands (NAFC FC AFC Carbon Copy of Horn Creek 2008HOF x FC AFC Kimber VIII ) We have chosen Hunter to be the Stud to our Lisa Female for a few reasons, first he is Intense and focused he's trainable proof in the fact that he was the youngest qualifier for the 2013 NRC Where he made it to the 8th series and the 6th series at the 2014 NRC as a 3 and 4 year old. He's a well put together male that trains hard and takes his work serious. His mother was a National Finalist 2013 and his father is one of the all time Greats. We were looking for a stud that had his qualities but very few are bred the way he is. OFA Hips: LR-206606G32M-VPI Eye CERF: LR-57133 OFA Elbow: LR-EL61374M32-VPI EIC: LR-EIC1108/0M-VPI
Rockin Z's Thunderstruck's Black Ice (FC Bluegoose's Passion For Jazz (58derby points) x Concrete Mixer's Lia Sophia (derby points open JAM) Lisa has derby Jam and a qual 4th so far OFA Hips: LR-205030G24F-VPI Eye CERF: LR-EYE1752/23F-NOPI OFA Elbow: LR-EL60118F24-VPI CNM: clear EIC: clear AKC reg: AKC SR69518205 Cardiac: OFA Normal Thyroid: MSU Normal 2 FEMALES will be ready to go April 12th check out Rockin Z Labradors