1 Male and 2 Female German Wirehair Ponter Pups For Sale

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1 Male and 2 Female German Wirehair Ponter Pups For Sale

  Erick Swanson

  7900 Thoennes Lane NW
          Parkers Prairie, Minnesota - United States




Excellent Hunting dogs for sale

1 Male and 2 Females Whelped on 2/3/15
Purchased Lexy the mother from Jay and Sheila Martin at Hardpoint Kennels near where I live in Minnesota,
and the Sire for the Pups was "Cash" also from jay and Sheila,
personally have never been amazed more of the "nose" and ability to lock on a bird and not move a muscle till I walk up and "past" her to flush a bird then wait for her to bring it back, still alive and "uncrunched" , one time a bird was just winged and very much alive I was wondering why it was taking her so long to bring the bird back only a matter of two three minutes was all but she had taken both of the birds wings and pinched them behind the birds back in her mouth, unreal is all I could think!
couple of times I wasn't paying attention to where Lex was at the moment and everything had gotten quiet and no idea where she was, started calling for her looking all over finally found her a little ways away still locked up waiting for me to flush the bird, again UNREAL!!
I have purchased a beeper collar for her now so I know when she's "doing her job"!!
LEXY is AKC registered, Pups have had tails Docked and Dewclaws removed
if you would like a puppy give me a call at 320 766 7782 or text works also... thanks much, Erick