GSP PUPS (Champion Bloodlines) RESERVE YOURS TODAY (Due Oct 8-12)

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GSP PUPS (Champion Bloodlines) RESERVE YOURS TODAY (Due Oct 8-12)

  Jarod Freeman

  OK-United States

  (405) 664-0803


At Freebird Shorthairs we are a very small operation and we will only produce a litter a year. We are proud members of the NSTRA trial organization and we thoroughly enjoy competing in a tough Oklahoma Region. My females are great hunting dogs who aim to please but when they are not hunting they think they’re lap dogs in the house. We put them in the Kennels during the day but my wife will not let them be only kennel dogs. We want to produce great dogs for the field but we also breed for great temperament in your home. At the end of the day we want our dogs to be great family companions that you will always be happy with in the field or at the house.

Dash is the future at Freebird Shorthairs as she is loaded with natural ability! Dash will run as big as I will let her and will go all day. She is staunch on point and has that 12 o’clock tail. She has an unbelievable natural retrieve and the drive to do so. After we finish her training (w/ Todd and Stacy Anderson) it is our goal to try and champion her out. She is a daughter thrown from Prince’s Snake Eyed Romeo if you have any questions about that line feel free to contact John Prince (Prince’s Quality Gundogs). Do not miss the opportunity at one of these pups because Dash will not have many!

Crash is certainly one of our rising stars at WildRose German Shorthairs. Not only has he proven to be a tough competitor in the trial game, but has proven himself on Game now in six states. He is the "stud dog of the future here at WildRose. He inherited his father's toughness, grit, and over the hill drive along with his mother's uncanny ability to pin the most skittish and hard to nail down wild birds, and has inherited the great natural retrieve from both.
(Charles Rose WildRose German Shorthairs)

We expect this litter to be tough, gritty, determined hunters that will be very natural in all of their abilities, easy to train with great flash, ground speed, and great temperament around the house or kennel. They will have a long-range nose and a natural retrieve. This breeding should throw that solid liver head with a lot of white on the body that will make it easier to spot your dog in the field!!!

Noted Champions in the Bloodlines (Numerous others):
- Dixieland Rusty
- Rusty’s Blue Earth Rexx
- K-Hawk’s Denver Angel
- KJ’s Hightailing Saddle
- Cadens Ruger Weltmeister
- Rockin Rollin Billy
- Ricon’s Slick Willy
- Ricon Slick Runner

- If interested Call and I will email or text photos and pedigrees of SIRE and DAM