Pudelpointer Puppies--Outstanding Lines!

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Pudelpointer Puppies--Outstanding Lines!

  Thomas Vontz

  5915 Indian Summer Circle
          Wamego, Kansas - United States




We are a family breeder with a simple goal. Produce a litter of pups that will make outstanding hunting companions and enjoyable family pets. In short, we want to produce a litter of puppies that accentuates the best qualities of our dog, Featherfoot’s Artzie Indie-Anna. We seek a litter of pups that conforms to the highest standards of one of the most versatile and successful hunting breeds in North America, the Pudelpointer. We prefer smaller pudelpointers with outstanding prey drive and an intense desire to please. Dogs with dense, course coats who are able to endure tough hunting conditions. Dogs that possess superior noses and outstanding natural retrieving ability. Dogs that are equally comfortable on land and in water. To accomplish this goal we set out to breed Indie (NA 108, PZ II) to a male with significant performance similarities and significant genetic outcross. We found that male in Iowa. His name is Blackhawk’s Augustus McCray (NA 106, PZ I; UT 198, PZ II) son of Versatile Champion Cedarwood’s Orphan Annie. While the breeding contains significant outcross (i.e., genetic difference), the puppies share a common great-grandpa, Cedarwood’s First Offense--the most successful pudelpointer sire in North America.