9 Week Old Male GSP - Black

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9 Week Old Male GSP - Black

  Ryan Eder

  IA-United States

  847 833 5632



Cash is an all black male GSP pup 9 weeks of age. He has been sound conditioned, fired over with a blank .22 caliber pistol, retrieved canvas bumpers, Dokken Dove dummies, introduced to water, and introduced to frozen quail and pheasant wings. Pointed a pheasant wing at just 7 weeks old! Cash is a natural retriever and is showing lots of promise as he progresses. He likes the water and shows no fear. Will come and retrieve in the yard with ease, and is starting to be introduced to water retrieves now in the pond. Very bold pup. D.O.B May, 27, 2010 out of Cody x Haley
Dam *(Harley)
PC's Here For the Party
Sire- Wind Rivers Tigger Roo SH
Dam- Kib Little Oreo Cookie JH

Harley Our Female out of Wind River's Tigger Roo SH and Kibs Little Oreo Cookie JH.
Harley is a nice Solid Black Female, with a great temperament (she is in our home with our kids). She has an amazing nose, and has a beautiful point.
She has produced some very nice pups in the past, great hunters, hunt test dogs

Sire (Cody)
Wind River's Code Red
Sire- Wind Rivers Tigger Roo SH
Dam- Wind Rivers Tag You're It SH
Cody is a 4-year-old Liver/Roan Large Bodied, with a large Solid Liver blocky head. He has a great hunt drive and is very trainable. Learns fast, and is going to be used on our Guide String this fall chasing Ringneck Pheasant here in Eastern Iowa.
Cody is out of Wind River's Tigger Roo SH, and Wind River's Tag Your It SH. Nice Strong German Lineage going back to VC Jacob VD Westwind MH, Rex Vom Pottsiepen JH, and DC Hillhaven's Hutler.