VC NAVHDA sired Vizslas

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VC NAVHDA sired Vizslas


  S3694 TRAPP RD.
          BARABOO, Wisconsin - United States



Rockwood Kennels and Vizslas is proud to announce the Very First NAVHDA Versatile Champion breeding for the Breed. The Sire is VC Rockwoods Kivalo Gunsmoke UTpz1 204{2times} and Rockwoods Hurry Murray Millie.
Rockwoods Kivalo Gunsmoke call name "PAPPY" is the result of the FIRST EVER NAVHDA UTpz1 breeding for the breed.
Pappy was purchased from me by Mr. Corey Seigler when Corey was 10 years old. Pappy recieved his first pz1UT when Corey was 14 and recieved the "Versatile Champion" just after his 15th birthday.This was Coreys first Pointing dog. Pappy has great desire to work on land and water and yet has the cooperation and mental stability to handle many mistakes by the young trainer who was learning on his first dog.
Pappy and his litter mates also qualified Rockwood Vizslas for the NAVHDA UT Breeders Award. Again,, the first for the breed in 40 plus years of NAVHDA testing. His litter mate Rockwoods Kivalo Supertramp will be at the Invitaional this fall.

Rockwoods Hurry Murray Milli is one of my personal hunting dogs. She has hunted WILD BIRDS in S.D. N.D. Ia. Mn. Wi. Il. She has an incredible nose for birds and knows where to find them. I also ran her in AF and AKC Trials in which she had 5 placements in 5 trials not including 3rd place in the NVA Derby Classic in Iowa, which which is now a Championship with some of the best Vizslas in the country entered. Anyone who has ever seen her trial or hunt can attest to the fact that she is the real deal. She brings tremendous desire and ground speed to the program. Her breeding is predominately Rebel Rouser.

These pups are showing everything I was looking for. Birdiness,Independence,Boldness, and style. All pups carry a high proud tail and go crazy over a pigeon or quail. They are acclimated to loud noises and water already. They demonstrate independence at an early age. At five weeks these pups are all over the place and getting difficult to keep track of when on the ground. They are VERY Socialized and show no fear.
These pups will do whatever you want them to do. If you are a foot hunter these are what you are looking for. But yet they will have the ability to trial in the off season if you wish, not to mention NAVHDA testing where we are the benchmark for the breed.
Pups were born on May 21st and will be ready to leave on July 16th. at 8 weeks.
Both parents are OFA Good/Excellent and have no health issues in their pedigrees. Pups are guaranteed for 2 years for health related issues.
I am located in Baraboo Wi.

Please contact me for more information or pictures.

Lee Dosier
Rockwood Kennels
Baraboo Wi. 53913
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