CP Trupoint Polly x GMPR MPR CP Cal

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CP Trupoint Polly x GMPR MPR CP Cal

  Tim Galeazzi

  1111 hwy S71
          Knoxville, Iowa - United States



Taking deposits on an a black and yellow well bred litter of pointing lab puppies. $1000 yellow females and $850 for other pups. Sire GMPR
(Grand Master Pointing Retriever) JH Texas Pointing Labs "Cal"(FC AFC Yellowstones TNT Explosion x QAA Queen of the Club). He is a very talented retriever as he is an absolute statue at the line. He hunts with a tremendous amount of desire with a huge motor that doesn’t stop. Cal was for the most part amateur trained to the GMPR level. He will be working on his MH title in Texas for the winter. The goal for Cal in 2010 is to have his MH and 4XGMPR when training stops. Cal has pointed since 7 weeks of age. He usually has a tripod point with intensity. Cal's pedigree is very unique when you compare him to all other GMPR as he has no APLA bloodlines just FC or QAA. This is why he has such a high level of drive to retrieve, hunt or train. If you want a high powered pup this may be the litter for you. Keep in mind Cal can turn it on or off as he lives in the house. He weighs 75lbs and is a very handsome male. Dam Certified Pointer Trupoint Polly whose sire is the QAA MH Stormin Normin who is known for his natural pointing and is a tremendous talented retriever. Stormin is one of a few CP that have a QAA title. Her grand parent is GMPR Risky Raider. Polly is a certified pointer through the APLA. She demonmstrates radar precision on her marking. Eager to please during training, hunting or at home. Fast off the line and always determined to bring home the bird. She will wear you out during training as she can't get enough of it. Polly is very affectionate towards people. She is a high powered female that demonstrates intenisty hunting a field and retrieving ducks, full bore. Polly is extremely affectionate which is why she is so easy to train. She will be a GMPR when training is done. Take a look at her pup Bonnie pointing on the gallery.

Look at this pedigree as we believe this will be a very special breeding. The puppies from this breeding should have an intense staunch point with an incrediable high drive to retrieve and hunt. Great companions for the home also.