World-Class Setter Pups

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World-Class Setter Pups

  Scott Berg

  15250 Lawndale Lane
          Dayton, Minnesota - United States


We evaluate 25+ pups/ yr from not only the best breeding but the best individuals in the country to find two dogs/yr that can contribute to our program. When we breed a female it has stood out through an exceptionally demanding evaluation process. We start with 16 week old pups on liberated birds. After 6 weeks of puppy program the top ½ go on to be evaluated on wild birds. We start on the ND prairie for Shaptail and Huns. We then take these prospects in the woods for ruffed grouse for several weeks in Minnesota and Wisconsin and we finish the season on late season pheasants and wild bobwhite quail. This process thoroughly tests every aspect of a bird dog. Only the absolute standouts are bred and a great disposition is a firm requirement. They are companions 365 days a year.

The most certain element in breeding is that breeding is that results will improve based on the degree of selectivity applied. Canine genetics regress toward the mean rapidly which means basically means there is no fooling mother nature. The best way to improve your odds in getting a great dog is to breed only the most exceptional individuals. This means passing on breeding good even very good dogs. Yet, only a very small percentage of breeders evaluate even 5 females to get one to breed which would only equate to the top 20%. Evaluating 10+ to get one to breed as we do is almost unheard of. The reason is simple. This type of selection process is very rare because it requires an enormous effort and it’s certainly is not a good model if profit is a motive. It will however provide you the absolute best probability of getting an exceptional animal. This is a purchase that you literally live with for 13-15 years. Why not spend a little more and get something exceptional. Great breeding cost about $20-25/ year more. Please click on the link below to learn more about our program.

Gun Dog Book
Gun Dog Book