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Pointing Lab Puppies

  Dan Krull

  3573 210th St
          George, Iowa - United States




MPR McNally's Right Stuff Ridley HR
OFA Elbows LR-EL41504M31-NOPl: Normal
OFA Hips LR-178551G31M-NOPI: Good
CERF Eyes LR-53155N/2008--32: Clear
EIC Clear / CNM Clear

Prairie Pts Blazin Mesa
OFA Hips LR-160948G24F-PI: Good
CERF Eyes LR-45465/2008: Clear
EIC Clear

Fox Red and Yellow Puppies. Puppies born 7/28/09. 8 Males & 3 Females This litter is absolutely loaded with potential and has a combination of some of the best pointing lab lines available.

Some of the dogs in these dogs three generation pedigree include: 1.5x GMPR Calumets Wild Card MH , GMPR PDB Angel's Blackjack Kate JH , GMPR Wannamaker Hot Tub, GMPR Angel Serene Rose, GMPR Grits of Black Forest SH, GMPR Kilarney Kate, 4xGMPR Bar None’s Snake River Otter MH QAA, GMPR Cajun of Black Forest MH, GMPR Gumbo of Black Forest MH

Ridley is an amateur trained MPR that has passed every level in the APLA (CPR, APR and MPR). He also has an HR title and three finished passes with the HRC and just hit 3 years of age. He is owned & trained by Edward McNally from eastern Kansas. They will be running for our HRCH and Multiple GMPR titles this fall. The fact that he is amateur trained in the suburbs on soccer fields and sees artificial HT setups only at tests is a credit to the natural ability of this dog. He runs marks and blinds with more than his share of enthusiasm, is a terrific marker with a great nose. His drive and style makes him a blast to hunt over. Ridley runs big and is a staunch pointer.

He is hunted extensively for waterfowl, bobwhites and pheasants. He is fast and stylish and will retrieve birds all day long in the worst watefowl conditions you can imagine. Despite being a fire eating dragon in the field, he is a typical buddy of a Labrador, who lives in the house with two children under the age of 5. He has a great personality is very trainable and really loves to do the work. His strongest attributes are his drive and desire to make the toughest retrieve. These qualities make him an easy dog to train and a joy to hunt and run HTs with. He has all of the attributes that make a lab great: personality, trainability, nose, marking, pointing and more than his share of drive.

Mesa is a very dark fox red color. She is a smaller framed very muscular lab. She weighs 60 lbs. Mesa loves to do any type of work and does everything at full speed. She made her first retrieve while blocking in a corn field at 12 weeks old, and has been completely natural hunter ever since. Mesa is a true fireball. You let her out of the kennel and she is all go. She is an extremely birdie dog with an incredible prey drive. Her nose is unbelievable. With all these features, her most amazing trait is her stylish point. She has by far the classiest point of any dog in my kennel. She holds her tail straight up in the air and leans her weight forward. It is a gorgeous sight to see.

30 Month Health Guarantee - Males & Females available. Deposit of $200.00 will hold your pick.